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Chris this is not a reliable means of communication you need to download the app telegram repeat these emails that you sent yesterday or the day before came in just now so you need to download an app so that we can talk if you don't want to restore your Facebook account which I say you should then please get telegram search by my telephone number or send me a message immediately 

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If yer alive SOS get back to me

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You're not wasting my time because this is going in my newspaper! You're a good story. 

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My story is a long one. Sorry for that. I'll tell it all in one gulp; maybe that will make it easier to swallow.

I was a political science student at West Virginia State University. I ran (as a write-in candidate) for Student Representative to the Board of Governors as a senior. I won with 9 votes. After being exposed to the internal documents of the university (budgets; internal studies; etc.), I decided that a change in university leadership was needed. I worked not only on my degree, but on a path for my institution to see a brighter future.

Although my efforts for institutional change were making progress, I knew that they would not come to fruition before my 2011 graduation. I dropped a course necessary for graduation and ran again for Student Representative to the Board of Governors. Even though I was a white student at a Historically Black University fighting a Black administration, I won re-election with 256 votes. Just as the 2012 academic year was beginning, the President of WVSU (Dr. Hazo Carter) was the subject of a faculty senate vote of "no confidence". I had asked the chair of the faculty senate for such a vote since the fall of 2011. Although my requests had been denied, the faculty senate finally put forward a "no confidence" motion and it gained a 2/3rds majority amongst the faculty. There was an athletic booster club that penned a letter in an effort to save Dr. Carter's job following the faculty senate vote of no confidence. I penned my own letter in reply. Dr. Carter resigned, and my letter in rebuttal was extensively quoted by Ry Rivard of the Charleston Daily Mail in his story regarding Dr. Carter's retirement.

I applied to be a Herndon Fellow at the WV State Capitol for the final semester of my senior year. Herndon Fellows are assigned to a WV Delegate or Senator for the term of the legislature (60 days); then re-assigned to an executive agency for an additional 60 days. I was assigned to the President of the WV Senate; Jeff Kessler. From what I have heard, the Senate President does not usually take interns. I established myself as a leader amongst the interns upon the day we all arrived. None of the regular delegate and senate offices that took interns wanted me because I had been outspoken during the initial part of the intake process for interns. The staff of the Senate President took me on. They did so out of either a sense of bravery or pity. They gave me a place to go. I'm thankful for that, and for them.

I served as an intern for the 2012 legislative session. At the conclusion of the session, I was not re-assigned to an agency in the executive branch. I was retained by the Senate President. While this may have been a way to keep me out of other places in government, it felt like a strong vote of confidence at the time. At the end of my internship, my supervisor told me to be prepared for a phone call offering future state employment.

Three weeks out of the end of my internship, I was offered a position as a junior health care policy analyst for the WV Joint Committee on Government and Finance. I gladly took the job. I also applied to WVU College of Law. During the summer of 2012, I helped to write an unpublished report that forced a reconsideration of a very questionable MMIS (Medicare Management Information System) contract. An MMIS contract is usually the largest financial contract that a state government enters into in the United States. I shut down the biggest corrupt deal in my state as a summer project between undergrad and law school.

I was accepted to WVU Law (with a partial scholarship) and diligently pursued my degree. I graduated WVU College of Law with a JD in May of 2015. I returned to the Kanawha Valley and sought employment.

The WV Joint Committee on Government and Finance re-hired me for the 2016 Legislative Session as a bill proofreader. During this time, I wrote a letter to the Editor of the Charleston Gazette denouncing  the "right-to-work" legislation that was pending in 2016. At the end of the legislative term, I was not retained.

I took the bar exam in February 2016 with little to no preparation. I failed by 20 points. The Legislature let me go in June of 2016. I spent the next month in hospital rooms for an undiagnosed gall bladder condition. In July of 2016, I took the bar exam again. I failed by the exact same number of points. Within a week of my second bar exam, my gall bladder was removed as a medical necessity.

I prepared for the February 2017 bar exam as I convalesced from surgery. At the February 2017 Bar Exam, I was wrongfully accused of possessing a cell phone during the test. I was aggressively searched. It was quite the scene. I did not have a cell phone on my person during the test. I will not, did not, nor would I, cheat on an academic exam. I'd rather fail on my own merit.

Just one month after being wrongfully harassed, embarrassed, and humiliated in front of my peers at the bar exam, I was wrongfully charged by Delegate Mike Pushkin for making terroristic threats. I was arrested at my home by WV Capitol Police; an agency that has a checkered history in regards to First Amendment freedoms. This arrest prevented me from taking the July 2017 Bar Exam. This charge was dropped one year after the date of my arrest due to failure of the state to prosecute. During that year, I helped Democratic candidate for mayor of Charleston Amy Goodwin as a canvassing volunteer. I also did a great deal to support and defend her candidacy on talk radio. My academic right to take the Bar Exam was suddenly restored once I made an effort to publicly support Democratic candidates for office in a very public way.  

I was recently harassed by the WV Capitol Police regarding communications between myself and Delegate Amanda Estep-Burton.  Three officers were sent to my doorstep. I was asked to "cease and desist" in communication with Delegate Estep-Burton. She, and the community around her, have often been openly hostile, negative, bullying,  and insulting towards me. I take the threat of arrest by the Capitol Police seriously. I am not being treated fairly. I feel intimidated into silence. WV is an industrial police state; as it has been since its' inception. I am on the bad side of the industrial police. I would ask that you consider my story. Thanks for your time; sorry to waste so much of it.

Yours In Oppression;

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If I can't report the conversation and publish it it's a waste of my time

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Sorry to be short with you but eventually I will have 999 other people like you seeking my daily consultation. It's easier when it's not over the phone because I can talk to several people at once but we can talk on the phone as long as I can record it if I can record it's a waste of my time and yours.

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