Saturday, October 19, 2019

From a Reasonable Angry Shareholder

The RebelAirForce is lead by Alex Weinstein

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From: the Rebel Air Force <>
Date: Sat, Oct 19, 2019, 16:41
Subject: From an Reasonable Angry Shareholder
To: Eric Lerner <>, Ivy <>, lpp <>, LPP Fusion Team <>, Jim Weinstein <>

Dear LPP Fusion,

What's lpp stand for again? Right that name was cooler.

WE WANT HALF OUR MONEY BACK. The next shares you sell shall be ours unless you want me to be the never ending bother that wont stop. I don't care who buys them. $50k for half. That's less than face I think.


Please reply with some kind of acknowledgement before I open up.

Still In Yer Corner,


PS If I win, and I wont, but when I do, Yahoo! YHOO 1996 for you! 

- from Alex Weinstein of the

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