Monday, October 21, 2019

Dear Not the Great Bud Anderson

I got the biggest smile on my face just now when I matched your email address to your name.

Aren't we Buddies anymore? I'm smoking some bud right now, friendo.

(if any of you got that reference yer stock just went up a couple of points)

I still haven't read what you wrote yet Budd. I am not high enough. Gimme 10.

(however long it takes me later)

You're ALL! welcome! for that list BTW. It's everyone who's a WV state candidates' treasurer and/or themselves. Got ALL! the information all of you submitted to the WVSOS.

Alright bud just a little more Bud then it'll be time fer you. :0)

(20 minutes and five BOWLS later)

I noticed you mentioned Ben Salango though I didn't read the sentence so I included the recording of the call below.

Now Billy Budd I am going to talk to you BEFORE reading a fuckin' word you wrote besides the subject etc. Just to piss you off.

Billy Budd what story is that? I know the name but I can't remember the... oh it's a whole book. By Herman Melville, cool. I started Moby Dick once. Seen the Gregory Peck movie of course.

LIKE A WHITE WHALE BUD you are just aching to be 'harpooned' by me. LAMPOONED is more like it.

You pathetic old fogey fuck. Do you still have regular sex with an attractive girl? I don't think so unless you pay. Maybe you and State Senator Mike Azinger molest church boys together. He certainly had eyes for me WHEN I ATTENDED stupidly last summer.

I haven't read your email still but I know what it says. "Why are you having so much fun with the First Amendment Alex! I never had and don't now have the courage to do that AND I'LL BE DAMNED! if yer gonna show me up! Mediocre fuckin' life I've built notwithstanding."

Did I get it right? Maybe I'll read it one sec. Gotta smoke more weed.

(some bowls later)

I see here your Dad died. I hope I had something to do with it. And then I see you, this is you right? In this RIDICULOUS gitup! (picture not available it's on his FB)

You're a warrior for Jesus. A real biker gang kinda disciple.

So you've got a job, that you gave yerself, for a person that don't exist and maybe never did. How's that pay? ROFL. WHY DON'T YOU PRAY FOR MY DEATH and I'll do what I can legally and non violently to cause yours. WE SHALL SEE WHO WINS. I think its better that I ask myself for help than the ceiling, like you do.

I really hope you reply again so I can wallop yer fuckin' life all over the pages of my newspaper, etc some more. I DO PACK A BIG ONE just like Babe Ruth. KABOOOM!!!!!!! can you hear your reputation being destroyed? These people all hate you if for no other reason than YOU caused ME to BOTHER them ALL again. Because I was gonna email the WV Dems this morning. Instead I'm replying to you and them because you wrote them all and I must respond.

I still haven't read your letter. Maybe I won't. Lol.

You really look bad, boy. Your skin is starting to ooze down your face like death is trying to get into the Ghostbusters tank.

Wow I was right on. About the 1st Amendment I Congressman swear I didn't read it until just now.

Well you do try to be a good writer I'll give you an A for effort.

Maybe I don't need to make fun of you any more, you sound crazier than I do! And I ain't crazy. I'M DELIBERATELY BEING LIKE @ TO GET ATTENTION BECAUSE I'M TRYING TO WIN THIS FUCKIN' ELECTION, BE FAMOUS, ETC. Cain't do @ being all quiet. JACKASS (MTV) the CAMPAIGN is what I'm buildin'. I know you didn't like that show. You probably think I Love Lucy is risque.

Mountain Party! Ahah! See there is FIRE in them third parties. YOU STUPID FUCK I AM YER BIGGEST NATURALLY ALLY. I have voted for Mountain Party candidates because they ain't one of the two parties MY WHOLE LIFE. And here you are fuckin' up the Mountain Party gettin' me for your 1st District Congressman slot. You and Charlotte Pritt and the rest of you WVa political rebels AIN'T REAL REBELS. You talk a good game BUT YOU AIN'T GOT THE RIGHT STUFF. How do I know? BECAUSE WHEN SOMEONE MORE REBEL THAN YOU COMES ALONG you get angry, instead of getting excited about a fellow traveler. I got the kinda response you're giving me from the fags in the Constitution Party too. Only a few Republicans even have the nerve to stand toe to toe with me. S Marshall Wilson being the alpha of that party.

I do like how you used the OPENING I gave SOMEONE to email the whole list and include ALL YER OWN SHIT. Well done. That impresses me. Or does it just mean you sprung my trap?

Let's see what you stand for... clearly not sex drugs and country as I do.

Ugh the name of the lord. So you guys are the official Christian Party of WVa huh? SORRY ALL THE OTHER ONES SAY THAT SHIT TOO. YOU AIN'T GOT A MONOPOLY ON BEIN' A JESUS RETARD in WVa politics. This is why you and the Libertarians never win. You have 'different' ideas BUT YOU TELL THEM THE SAME FUCKIN' LAME ASS WAYS.

Empowering sounds good. GREAT. We all wanna do that. Whoopdie fuckin' do. HOW moron HOW you ain't got no HOW.

I wish you coulda seen me lick my lips just now when I saw you put your cell phone number down there.


I just remembered to mention about your name. When I first heard "Bud Anderson" it wasn't in reference to your pathetic ass. It was in reference to one of the best pilots Chuck Yeager ever saw. BOTH OF THEM are the kinda boy I AM. Fearless. WHO LOVE TO PUSH THE ENVELOPE and General Yeager is included in this correspondence. We've spoken for years. He just liked another of my tweets.

So that's it Buddy. I went over this three times I hope I didn't miss any more typos. I hate proofreading. But if you yer own publisher you gotta be yer own copy editor too.

Bye Felicia,


PS This is my wife's email account. AIN'T SHE PERTY?

On Sun, Oct 20, 2019 at 10:52 AM ecbuda3 <> wrote:

Will People like Alex EVER Get Enough Class to Realize the Internet is not Their Playground for Vulgar Offensive Rants? 
   Our Constitution is for Free Speech as in Not to Limit Positive Thoughts. The Exploitation of that by Vulgar Opportunists is an Abomination of those Noble Precepts.
   Every  Fascist dictator has had justifiable rights to make fun of people like this Alex. That glitch falls through the cracks of our intended freedoms. Though Legal, Morally NO ONE has the freedom to impose their vulgar attitudes just because they have a right of free speech.
Grow Up You Reprobates!
By Bud Anderson 
Mountain Party Candidate for WV House
Ps For a Positive take on the World, we are Charter Members of "Friends in Deed, WV".
It is a Growing Community Service Network.
"Our Ongoing Mission: Finding Ways to personally improve Our World through our 7 Pillars of FiDWV, Good Citizenship. Our efforts are Being Blessed & Multiplied !!! "
1. Serve & Empower "Those In Need" in the name of the Lord & Seek Justice for those who are oppressed by Any Evil, Starting with those willing to help themselves!
2. Empower people of all ages: From Youth Mentoring Services; to Transportation for Elderly, Veterans & the Impaired; Raise self esteem; Seek Freedom from Bad Habits; Promote Healthy Living & Wellness to Everyone.
3. Encourage Education & Lifelong Learning to improve: Employability & Productivity; Maximizing Personal Potential; Emergency Preparedness; Job Skills & Safety Training.
4. Cultivate Positive Behaviors: Good Attitude; Communication; Support for The Arts; & Recognize Community Leaders & Service to Others.
5. Promote Family Life, Responsibility, & Stability: As in the 5th Commandment to "Honor thy Father & Mother." Learn, Preserve & Pass On our own Heritage, Lineage, Stories & Worthy Values.
6. Be Good Stewards of the Outdoors & Earth we share: "Relay" ways to ReCycle, Reduce, Renew, Repair & Reuse Limited Resources!
7. Respect & Practice Agape Love for All Cultures; Faiths & Living Creatures from Mankind to the Animal Kingdom.
(c) 2017 & 2019
Bud Anderson Co-Founder:
Friends in Deed, WV
(304) 744-7737c, text&pics

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-------- Original message --------
From: Alex Weinstein <>
Date: 10/17/19 11:59 AM (GMT-05:00)
To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, cfrs72219@tst.ts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Subject: I'm Not Removing You

Dear WVa 2020 Candidate,

Three of you so far have asked to be removed. I'm sorry. It's more work for me to remove you than it is for you to delete this before reading. Besides you're the three biggest morons on the list, you need an education. You're more than welcome to call the police but they"ll probably look at you like you're wasting their fucking time with this shit.

Now, for the rest of you. HIGH. I not hi. 

I only got one good response. From someone who said they will never vote or support a Democrat. That's my kinda reply. Good fer that boy I AIN'T A DEMOCRAT except on paper.

If you havent heard my telephone call with Ben Salango for Governor you really should hear him say the word cocksucker several times Stephen Smith. I guess you're never going to reply to me. That's how I know Woody Thrasher is gonna win the general. Theres no WVDemocrat boy with a functional cock and balls anymore. Mike Mannypenny is the most Mountaineer candidate we got and that's pretty sad. Ojeda had some fire. 

Any Democrat boys on this list have any junk at all? 

I really do prefer the company of WVRepublicans. HEY CHARLIE CLEMENTS! Dave Sypolt! They're in my pocket. Also my district. Mike Azinger is terrified of me and also a closeted homosexual. Possible Catholic priest too if you know what I mean.

That's all fer today!

Written by: Alex Weinstein 
Typed by: Seth Stamper (Sturm)
Seconded by: Jackson Collins


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